VersaTrigger, the dependable high speed photography trigger system which gives you a light activated, laser beam break and sound activated camera trigger in a single unit, no need to keep pressing buttons to select an option, just connect a sensor and off you go.

 We also have a wide range of accessories which include a water drop collision controller, PIR & RF motion detection sensors, a wireless remote/control system and a range of cables for most makes and models of DSLR.

Our latest design is the Shutter, connect it to your DSLR camera and measure the true shutter lag, try changing the camera settings and measure again to see the difference.

Designed and manufactured in Britain by an electronics engineer to meet the demanding requirements of a photographer (his wife), the VersaTrigger system is affordable, easy to use, expandable (all accessories may be used with any system) and reliable.

But what really sets us apart from others is that we listen to our users and design to their needs, we don’t use technology for “technology’s sake” and you don’t need a smartphone for any of our products which means that the VersaTrigger system will not become obsolete when you upgrade your mobile contract.

High speed photography is the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena.

Or, you can forget the science, invest in the VersaTrigger system, and

start having fun!

All VersaTrigger products are designed and manufactured in the U.K.

British manufacturing

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