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Dynamic Product Photography

The television advertisements for that well known high-street store, where we see a succession of foodstuffs being cut and chopped, must rate as one of the most imaginative and memorable advertising campaigns of recent memory - and has surely tempted many consumers to purchase their products.

As with all television advertising, the sequence consists of a visual component and an audio component.

So, how do we get this message across to the consumer using just a single image?

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We need to add some dynamic to the image by capturing a moment in time which holds the interest and imagination of the viewer.

There are various options open here:

We can invest in a high-speed camera capable of 10,000 fps (very pricey)

We can click away and hope that we get a usable image


We can invest in the VersaTrigger camera triggering system.

With the VersaTrigger system, the event, which we use to start the capture process, may be triggered by either sound, light, laser break or motion.  A delay adjustment provides complete control over when the camera shutter is activated.

A professionally designed and manufactured system, the VersaTrigger is currently sold to users in over 20 countries throughout the World.