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Splash accessory

Looking at various websites it is easy to believe that water drop photography is fraught with problems and may only be achieved after a great deal of experience and lots of messing around.  Oh, and spending a lot of cash.

Well here at VersaTrigger we like to solve problems and not create them,

there are too many problems in this World so why add another one?

So, what is water drop (or water drop collision) photography?

Most of us have tried water drop photography, this is the art of dropping either a single drop of water or some other liquid into water (or some other liquid) ...

This gives us either a column or crown of water, very nice but not very imaginative.

Water drop collision photography is simply dropping two drops of water (or some other liquid) into the aforementioned water (or liquid); the first trick is to make sure that the second drop collides with the column which has been produced by the first drop, the second trick is to synchronise the camera to capture the image at the exact time.  Just imagine if we could fully automate this sequence, you press a button and voila, it’s all done.

This is why you need the VersaTrigger Splash accessory in your life, because it does just that.

And  the Splash accessory comes complete with a support rod and two clamps which allows you to secure it to a tripod or almost any other surface, no need to call in the builders or buy a Meccano kit!

Used with an existing VersaTrigger system (to be purchased separately), the Splash accessory is easy to use, provides repeatable results and is probably the best value for money system on the market, and as all the controls have labels telling you what they do you cannot go wrong.

The kit includes the Splash controller, the solenoid valve/reservoir, the clamps & support tube and the AUX cable for connection to the VersaTrigger system - oh, and a pipe cleaner for cleaning the valve after use.

The only controls are the Start button, the Size control and the Interval control.

By adjusting the VersaTrigger Delay control you can trigger the camera at various stages of the collision allowing you to capture the initial impact, the development of the collision or even the minor splashes which are created as the major splash collapses.