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Q. Will the VersaTrigger system work with my camera?

A. The VersaTrigger system will work with most cameras which have a remote shutter release connection, it will not work with cameras using an infrared or wi-fi remote, take a look at the

camera cables page for a list of cameras.

Q. What does the Delay control do?

A. The Delay control adds time (delay) between the event being detected and the camera or flash being triggered, simply moving the microphone away from the event will also increase the delay but will reduce the detection sensitivity.

Q. Can you supply a fitting so that the VersaTrigger can be mounted on a tripod?

A. We have found that velcro is the best solution for attaching the VersaTrigger to a tripod.

Q. Why do I find that sometimes the VersaTrigger does not fire the camera/flash?

A. This is due to the secondary trigger inhibit function, after the VersaTrigger has been triggered it will not trigger again for 2.5 seconds.  This feature prevents a dual exposure when using flash trigger mode.

Q. Can I use the VersaTrigger to trigger my camera and a flash at the same time?

A. No, all cameras exhibit a shutter lag, this varies considerably between cameras but is typically 40ms or greater.  Triggering the camera and flash from the VersaTrigger will result in the flash being triggered while the camera is still thinking, a better solution is to trigger the camera and use either the on-camera flash or the hotshoe to trigger an external flash via cable or wireless.

Q. Why should I use the hi-sensitivity microphone?

A. The standard microphone works well, however, if you intend to trigger from a low-noise event (a single water drop or a pin dropping) the amplification of the hi-sensitivity microphone allows you to move it out of shot while still picking up the sound.

Q. Why should I use the remote laser-break sensor?

A. The VersaTrigger does have an in-built laser-break sensor, however, it is sometimes awkward trying to secure the VersaTrigger so that the laser beam is aligned only to find that the action of adjusting the delay has caused the beam alignment to shift.  The remote laser-break sensor is a small device which may be secured in place using velcro, screws or tape.

Q. What use is the light sensor which is supplied with the accessory kit?

A. Plug the light sensor into the VersaTrigger and set the delay to minimum, now point the light sensor in the direction of the flash (on-camera or remote), you now have a slave flash which will drive two studio flashes simultaneously.

Q. Do you deliver to other countries?

A. Yes, we do.  Delivery costs are shown on the Prices and Ordering page.

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