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Shutter lag is the time that elapses between the user pressing the shutter button and the shutter opening to capture the image.

It is measured in milliseconds (1/1000 second) and varies not just between models of camera but also with which settings have been selected on the camera.

Typical shutter lag for a DSLR camera may range from about 30ms to over 200ms.

For users who keep their camera on automatic and use it for “point and shoot” shutter lag is not an issue, for others it can be the difference between capturing that exceptional image or just missing it.

The VersaTrigger Shutter will measure the shutter lag of most DSLR/mirrorless cameras, it will trigger your camera and give an accurate measurement with a resolution of 1 millisecond.

Please note that a separate camera cable to match your camera needs to be purchased, a full list of available cables may be found on the camera cables page.

VersaTrigger Shutter

The VersaTrigger Shutter is easy to use, simply connect a camera cable between the Shutter and your camera, switch the Shutter on, press Reset, now focus your camera on the Shutter display and then press Trigger.  The image taken by your camera will be the shutter lag in milliseconds.

Powered from three AAA cells, the Shutter may also be used as a Start/Stop timer.

Ideal for camera clubs, studios, educational institutions or anyone who wants a better understanding of their camera.

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