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Hi Richard

Received my Versatrigger and everything is working great. Took me a little time to test it as I was on holiday when it arrived.

T.F - Fife

Hi Richard,

Had a quick test this evening of the versatrigger and I'm generally very impressed.

A.L - Hertfordshire

The Versatrigger works very well and when it is set up it works every time.  Hope you like the photo.

C.W - Cornwall

Hi there,

 Thanks for your mail, and the excellent trigger. I have put several images on my flickr site and you are welcome to follow the link in my signature to see if there are any you particularly like.

F.Y - Lancashire

Pam / Richard,

Splash accessory arrived yesterday and I took it for a test drive this afternoon… I am really liking it (see attached) thanks again :-)

P.S. If you like the images and want to, you can use them on your website.

M.H - Newcastle

Thanks Richard

Been playing with it today…its brilliant.

P.C - Middlesex

Hi Richard,

All is working great, very impressed with your equipment.

S.C - Perthshire

Hi Richard,

I received my Versa trigger today, I’ve checked everything out and I have to say that I’m very impressed with the way it works and the ease of use, ( I’m no tech buff so i was a bit concerned that it might be quite difficult to set up but it is so simple that even I didn't have a problem ).

S.G -  Nottinghamshire

I have owned my VersaTrigger for a month, during this time I have taken a variety of shots using the remote laser break sensor and the microphone. It is an impressive piece of kit and one which I would not hesitate to recommend to others.

Having taught landscape and portraiture work for a long time I decided to move towards the less mainstream aspects of photography. This meant the purchase of, among other things, a means of triggering my strobes with either sound or by breaking a beam of light. My criteria when choosing a remote trigger included equipment that's easy to set up and use, a reliable quality and an affordable price tag. I always look for high quality affordable options when choosing equipment as I don't want price to be a barrier to my students but I also wouldn't put my name to recommending a shoddy piece of equipment. After thorough research VersaTrigger was the obvious choice!

VersaTrigger came up trumps on ease of use: Setup involved inserting batteries and connecting the trigger to the appropriate sensor before connecting it up to either the flash or the camera. With just two simple knobs to rotate, it was a really simple task to adjust and fine tune the box to start getting the results I needed.

The versa trigger is so simple and easy to use yet does the job of capturing the high speed action as it happens. I have enjoyed using it and eagerly anticipate many more future projects to take some creative and enjoyable images.

Other lower priced options on the market require electronics knowledge and a high degree of skill to assemble them, this is a huge disadvantage to them. The VersaTrigger is ready to go straight out of the box once the batteries are installed.

In short, the trigger was a great price, delivered quickly and really easy to set up. The customer service has been excellent with prompt and informative replies to my initial enquiries.


Hi Richard

I've been very impressed so far with the ease of use of the trigger and I have had great fun messing about. Now I think it is just getting the lighting sorted and finding the best way to mount objects for photoshopping the mount out of the image.

T.R - Boston

finally put the thing away, battery still going, so addictive wife complains I’m not eating my tea lol, what do they know, great add-on to the versa trigger and such fun, not only do you get collisions but all sorts of weird shapes as well, great buy, looking forwards to what ever else you may invent in the future

B.J - Prestatyn

Hi Richard,

Most impressive, just picked up your delivery from our mail room. I have to say service on this level has got to be commented on, I appreciate your efforts in getting this sent out. Very well done.

I.E - Aberdeen

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you. As I have a few mobility, dexterity & co-ordination issues due to health problems my trigger allows me to take some photos I wouldn’t be able to without.

D.T - Lincolnshire

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the Trigger. I tried it on the weekend to catch a bullet from an Airgun.


U.S - Germany

I took these this afternoon and I am really impressed with the control I have using the trigger - its brilliant - the detail I can capture :-)

M.H - Tyne & Wear

Dear Richard
I received the Versa Trigger on Monday afternoon - now that is FAST!

Thank you for the extra gift, it has proven most useful. I have been so busy playing with my new 'toy' I completely forgot to write and say 'thank you' but there, I've done it now. The Trigger works exactly as you said it would but then it would, wouldn't it? and I will certainly recommend it to others who share my interest.

 M.B - Republic of Ireland

Dear madam, sear,

I had the opportunity to try one of your Versa Trigger kit few weeks ago on my Nikon camera. That was an awesome experience, I'm a big fan.

J.T - Belgium

The VersaTrigger offers a cost-effective way to capture split-second shots of scenes like water splashes and bursting balloons.  Included are sensors which can trigger your Nikon should they detect light, a laser or a sudden noise.  You can also point the included laser pen at the trigger and it’ll detect a break in the beam; ideal for capturing fast-moving objects.  An optional passive infrared sensor can be attached too, giving a wide motion detection area covering up to three metres.


N Photo magazine - August 2016

Some user feedback about VersaTrigger products.

Many thanks for your emails, swift service and kind gift. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I look forward to sharing some exciting images with my new Versatrigger!

B.V - New South Wales, Australia