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VersaTrigger Laser Trap

The VersaTrigger Laser Trap is a professional laser beam break camera trigger system with a difference, it is reliable even under bright studio lights or outdoors in bright sunlight.

The usual setup for a simple laser beam break trigger is to shine a laser beam (usually a laser pointer) at a sensor, the sensor will then detect when something interrupts the beam (beam break) and trigger the camera or flash.  This type of trigger has one major drawback, it responds to studio lighting and daylight which means false or no triggering.

The VersaTrigger Laser Trap is a second generation laser beam break camera trigger which overcomes this problem, features include:

The story behind the Laser Trap is that in 2018, among the many VersaTrigger systems we sold, two went to photographers in America and Australia.  Both systems worked and both photographers sent us some images they had captured using the VersaTrigger, however, they both had suggestions as to how the VersaTrigger could be even better.

Well, here at VersaTrigger we like a challenge.

The first request was to improve the performance of the laser break function in bright ambient light conditions (direct sunlight was the benchmark here), the next request was for the laser beam to be disabled during a camera trigger so that the red spot did not appear in the image.

Our brief became to design a completely new laser beam break system which out-performed anything else available at a price which would not break the bank.

We contacted our two photographer friends (Andy and Brett), and asked if they would be prepared to test our initial designs - they both agreed.

We believe that we have produced the ultimate laser beam break system, it detects a beam break (even in direct sunlight conditions) and disables the laser during camera trigger.  The laser is supplied with a 1 metre cable and the sensor with a 3 metre cable, this means that, with the cables fully laid out, it is possible to set up a 4 metre laser path.  The distance between the transducers may be increased using extension cables but it does need care in aligning the transducers at these distances.

Strangely, the initial thought was that the Laser Trap would be aimed at wildlife photographers, we have since supplied two Laser Traps to another photographer who has installed them on two zip-wires at an amusement park in Ireland, a person breaks the beam and a photograph is taken automatically.  The photograph is then sold to the person on the zip-wire, sounds like a good source of revenue.

Photograph courtesy of Andy Papadatos

Andy is studying the territorial behaviour of birds by staging different environments and seeing how the birds react.

Photographs courtesy of Brett Vercoe

Brett is a District Officer for a marine park in Australia, perform a search on the web and you will find some of his stunning underwater images of Australian marine wildlife.  Being a dedicated wildlife photographer he also has an interest in land-based wildlife.

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The laser transmitter is on a 1 metre cable, the receiver is on a 3 metre cable, either may be extended by using standard extension cables.

Both laser transducers may be secured in position by using either 1/4” cold-shoe adapters or zip-lock ties with bases, all fixings are supplied with the system.