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VersaTrigger Trigger your creative photography

Scientific Applications

The VersaTrigger system is also suitable for use in scientific applications where a high speed camera trigger is needed and is currently in use at Universities and Government establishments.

Using two or more VersaTrigger units, with either laser-break or audio detect, coupled to a timer/counter such as the VersaTrigger Shutter it is possible to measure time taken or acceleration.

Details of the inputs and outputs are:

Our latest addition, the VersaTrigger Shutter, is a quartz controlled 0 to 999 millisecond timer with 1 millisecond resolution, it has  Start and a Stop inputs which may be triggered from a VersaTrigger controller making it ideal for certain applications.

If required, we are also prepared to modify the units to meet your specific requirements.  Please feel free to contact us and provide details of your application.

Should you have a requirement but feel that the VersaTrigger system will not be suitable, we will do our best to offer a cost-effective solution.

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