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Mini PIR motion sensor

Designed primarily for wildlife photography, the mini PIR sensor plugs into the Mic and Aux inputs of the VersaTrigger, no batteries are required as it is powered from the VersaTrigger control unit.

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Typical uses are:

Note, this sensor is not waterproof.

Detection range of the sensor is typically 2-3 metres with a 120° conical pattern, a collar is supplied which may be fixed over the fresnel lens to act as a collimator, this reduces the sensors beamwidth and provides a more directional response.

A self-adhesive pad is also supplied, this may be fixed to the enclosure to allow the unit to be secured to a post or branch using the cable ties supplied.

Image taken by Gerry Slade using a VersaTrigger with a PIR sensor.

Gerry is an equine, dog and pet photographer who visits show jumping events throughout the country in order to capture images such as this one.

He currently uses two VersaTriggers with PIR sensors and a Laser Trap.